NRG Smart Lights Instructional Videos

How To Setup And Customize Your NRG Smart Lights

Congratulations on your newly installed NRG Smart Lights! The customization options are truly endless but don’t worry. These instructional videos will walk you through, step by step, how to set up your NRG Smart Lights and create the lighting display you envision for your home.

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Initial Setup

STEP 1 - Connect Your Phone To Your NRG Smart Lights

WLED-AP Wi-Fi Password: wled1234

STEP 2 - Connect Your NRG Smart Lights To Your Wi-Fi

NRG Smart Lights are only compatible with 2.4 GHz wifi internet, it will not connect to 5 GHz wifi signals.

NRG Smart Lights can be used without the app or wifi connection; however, other radio signals can potentially interfere with your NRG Smart Lights.

STEP 3 - Download And Connect The WLED Native App To Your Phone

If your NRG Smart Lights status shows "Offline;" see that your Wi-Fi is on and you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your NRG Smart Lights.

Check that your NRG Smart Lights are plugged in and there is power to the outlet.

Restart your mobile device and reopen the WLED Native App.

App Navigation

WLED Native App Top Menu Overview

Power - Turn on and turn off your NRG Smart Lights.

Timer - Turns off your NRG Smart Lights after 60 minutes. Press “Timer” again to deactivate.

Sync - Sync multiple NRG Smart Light controller boxes to the same display. Applies to large-scale applications.

Peek - View in the app the current lighting display selected.

Info - Technical details of your NRG Smart Lights.

Config - Menu for initial setup, scheduling, and additional settings.

WLED Native App Bottom Menu Overview

Colors - Select from 16,000,000+ different colors, including the full white spectrum.

Effects - Create countless spectacular displays of dancing lights.

Segments - Control entire sections separately or set customized color patterns.

Presets - Comes preset with 75 specialized displays, save up to 250 of your own custom lighting displays.

How To Access The App From A Web Browser

If your wifi is changed or reset, a new IP could be assigned to your NRG Smart Lights. Use the new IP to access the app in a web browser.


How To Set Fully Automated Schedules

How To Create Your Own Custom Presets

How To Backup And Restore Your Presets

How To Add And Name Multiple LED Devices

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